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The COVID-19 situation has not stopped Muslims in the country from conducting Tadarus activities during Ramadhan, even though they are only held at home and using the online method. Apart from cultivating a deep love for Al-Quran and further enlivening the blessed month, the activities also teach the community to make good use of the latest internet and technological platforms.

The RTB crew recently covered an online Tadarus activity at the home of Haji Awang Hasnan bin Haji Awang Suhaili in Kampung Manggis. He also held the tadarus with his family and friends in previous years. However this year, because of the COVID-19 infection, the activity is conducted online using the Zoom application.

The RTB crew also zoomed to the home of Awang Muhammad Syazwanshah bin Razali at Kampung Orang Kaya Besar Imas. He is another Quran reader who is on board the Zoom platform to reap blessings by performing Tadarus online. COVID-19 or not, the spirit of Tadarus lives on stronger and well.

‘An-Naghom’ also conducts Tadarus activity using the Instagram application. It is conducted by Ahmad Zulwaqar bin Haji Suhaili. Members of the public who wish to participate can join the Instagram apps at: an.naghom at half past nine in the evening. People can also request to read Al-Quran directly and be checked by Awang Ahmad Zulwaqar.

Meanwhile, Nadi Quranic Learning Centre is conducting a similar activity. The centre holds it five times a day on Facebook. Those who wish to participate can join through the Facebook application:  Nadi Quranic LC Brunei; Nadi Quranic LC Kiulap; Serusop Nadi Quranic Learning Centre; Nadi Quranic LTC Jerudong; NQLC Lambak; and NQLC Tutong.

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