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Online Tadarus Activity

The COVID-19 situation has not stopped Muslims in the country from conducting Tadarus activities during Ramadhan, even though they are only held at home and using the online method. Apart from cultivating a deep love for Al-Quran and further enlivening the blessed month, the activities also teach the community to make good use of the latest internet and technological platforms.

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Nadi Quranic Centre Teruskan Pengajaran Al-Quran

Pusat Pembacaan Nadi Al-Quran (Nadi Quranic Centre) di Negara Brunei Darussalam berharap akan dapat membantu lebih ramai lagi masyarakat di negara ini untuk belajar membaca Al-Quran dengan meniatkan agar pahala-pahala itu akan kembali kepada mereka.

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Nadi Quranic Learning Centre Convocation Ceremony

The study of Al-Quran offered by Nadi Quranic Learning Centre aims to further improve Al-Quran syllabus taught at religious schools in the country in the aspect of mastering the reading and sounds of Hijaiyah letters.

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